Sneak preview + Meet a few of our collaborators

Hello everyone! Here’s an update from Tod + crew:)

At the end of September, Tod attended a special DSO gala where he unveiled a sneak preview of the final Symphony in D coming November 20-21. The performance took place on the rooftop of the M@dison Building in downtown (which also happened to be overlooking a game at Comerica Park!). Check out this news blurb covering the event!

While in the city, Tod was also able to meet with important collaborators to brainstorm how to fit all the parts of the performance together in the most creative, compelling manner for a city like Detroit! Here are just a few of the key collaborators:


This is Angie Kadowaki of American House.

She has helped with an essential part of the Symphony in D project, which is gathering seniors (ages 55-105!) to identify and record important sounds of Detroit that have disappeared over the years.


This is Efe Bes (Witness Bambuti).

He is a great African drummer conveying a musical history of Detroit with roots in Africa and in the land, preceding jazz, Motown, techno, electronica, and other Detroit music essentials! His multi-metered, many-timbred solo improvisations are inspirational, and we are fortunate to have him as a creative partner for this project.


This is Dr. Tonya Matthews.

“Brilliantly talented” according to Tod, Tonya is President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center, a poet, and performance artist. In addition to herself being a creative collaborator for the symphony, Tonya helped implement an installation at MiSci that brought Hyperscore to Detroit youth.

All of us here at the Opera of the Future lab would like to say a big thank you to all those collaborating with Tod (featured here or not) and the crew with the Symphony in D project, and we highly encourage everyone to join us on November 20-21 for the big debut! It will be an experience you surely will want to attend!

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