Free Hyperscore Download!

We have a very special offer for all of you Detroiters on behalf of Symphony in D and the MIT Media Lab. As soon as you submit three or more sounds using our Symphony In D mobile app (available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play), you will receive a special coupon code via e-mail to download our Hyperscore composition software for FREE.

Hyperscore was developed by Tod Machover and his team at the MIT Media Lab and allows users, regardless of musical background, to compose short pieces of music using colors and shapes. In addition to using your recordings submitted through the Symphony In D mobile app, Tod will also be accepting Hyperscore submissions via email to for consideration as part of a movement of the actual Symphony in D piece.

We have loved listening to all of your sound submissions so far, and now it’s time to take your participation to the next level with Hyperscore. Happy composing!

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